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Hippocratic Council update from Noah Stern, President

A lot has been going on behind the scenes at Hippo as a fresh crop of executives have brought new ideas, energy, and drive to the council. This year, each member came to the table hoping to take their portfolio in a new direction and their passions are already showing results.

Work started early this summer when we established two new committees – the Preclerkship and Clerkship Wellness committees. Student wellness and resilience have been growing priorities and we are happy to have student voices play integral roles in creating institutional changes in how Schulich Medicine addresses these issues.

After a busy summer, we were thrilled to welcome our new colleagues at our first joint Medicine-Dentistry White Coat Ceremony. Our newfound friendship with dentistry students continues and we are excited to be joining Dentistry and Nursing in hosting the first Schulich Interprofessional Coffee House November 7 at The Wave.

In late September, we headed to Windsor for the CFMS Annual General Meeting. At the meeting, 27 delegates represented Schulich Medicine students and ensured our voices were heard.

The meeting concluded with the elections of the new CFMS executives. We would like to extend a huge congratulations on behalf of the entire student body to our own Yousif Atwan and Han Yan, both Medicine Class of 2017, for being elected as the Ontario Regional Representatives.

The meeting left us with much to consider and much to improve. One area we felt was particularly important to improve was student advocacy. In response to this, we created the Political Advocacy Committee to encourage and empower advocacy among students by providing tools for students looking to make a change.

The Committee hopes to have an Advocacy Toolkit set up by the end of the year and are looking at the feasibility of establishing a longitudinal advocacy mentorship program. The Committee is sure to help strengthen Schulich Medicine’s reputation as a major player in medical student advocacy.

The Global Health Committee has worked hard to increase their online presence this term. They now have a blog, a new virtual newsletter, and are active on social media. Check out the blog and October's Global Health newsletter.

Speaking of Twitter, follow @westernHippo to keep up to date with everything Hippo!

All in all, your Hippocratic Council has been off to a roaring start, stay tuned for more to come! I would also like to take this time to thank my phenomenal council for all their hard work and dedication.

Noah Stern, Medicine Class of 2018
President, Hippocratic Council