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Top UME stories of the year

Thursday, June 19, 2014

In celebration of an exciting year at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry, we are featuring some of your favourite stories and videos from the YouME blog and the School's website. Read about our amazing UME faculty, staff and students and take a fun look back!

Top Stories:

Experiencing a new tradition for Schulich Medicine Orientation Week

Schulich Medicine students enjoy the taste of victory at the hands of Queen's

Veritas video demystifies medical school interviews

Championing student wellness - Western Vitals wins People's Choice Award

Celebrating Excellence - Windsor Program Awards of Excellence

Healthy competition with Dunks for Dialysis

A parting gift - Medicine Class of 2014 leaves lasting legacy


Enriching the student experience - Dr. Colin Mascaro, Meds 2014

The anatomy of art and science - Hannah Mackenzie, Meds 2016

A voice for students - Daniela Kwiatkowski, Meds 2016

Championing a healthy student experience - Learner Equity & Wellness

Most watched videos:

Schulich Medicine & Dentistry Orientation Week

MD Convocation