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Schulich Medicine & Dentistry is On the Move

Friday, November 29, 2013

A number of Schulich Medicine & Dentistry departments are on the move and setting up shop in new locations. Most of the activity focuses around the second floor in the Clinical Skills Building (CSB), however, the Admissions team is also moving out of Elborn College and back onto main campus.

Here is a run-down of who are moving/have moved, the timing and the new locations for the departments:

Members of the STC Team, moved the week of November 25 to CSB, 2nd Floor
Peter Flanagan, Deborah Tiezser

Admissions Team, moving on December 3 to HSA 103
Trish Ashbury, Laurie Craik, Rob Hammond, MaryAnn Kennard, Kathy Sadler

Alumni and Development Team moving on December 6 to CSB, 2nd Floor
Ellen Brown, Helena Coelho, Barbara Ferguson, Mark Foresi, Vicki Hayter, Anne Shatkin

Communications and Marketing Team on December 11 to CSB, 2nd Floor
Emily Leighton, Crystal Mackay, Jasmin Neil, Jennifer Parraga, Kristin Tate, Kathy Wallis

Graduate Studies on December 12 to CSB, 2nd Floor
Janelle Cobban, Eric Simard, Andy Watson

Schulich Research Office on December 13 to CSB, 2nd Floor
Mariel Angus, Stacy Dinel, Denise Figlewicz. Mady Hymowitz, Peter Kleinstiver, Kevin O'Neil, Mary Ann Pollman-Mudryj, Michele Vanderspank, Greg Vilk