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OBSERVERSHIPS – An important message for Year 1 Students

Monday, November 11, 2013

The 2013/14 academic year is well underway and I would just like to take a moment to remind you that Observerships can be rewarding educational experiences but they are by no means mandatory and must always take a back seat to curriculum.

I know that the temptation to take advantage of as many opportunities as you can is great. We have so many enthusiastic doctors who accommodate requests for observerships and who are genuinely happy to help you learn, it may be hard for some of you to stop yourself from registering for every available opportunity.

Please consider, however, that you already have a full plate with curricular and extra-curricular activities over the course of the year, and be protective of some time off to recharge your batteries. Resist the urge to fill every free moment with a learning opportunity and make sure that you enjoy the experience of medical education without becoming overwhelmed.

I would also draw your attention to the limitations on Observerships as outlined by LHSC policy and remind you that:

"An Observer is not permitted, in any circumstances, to provide any patient care. This prohibition includes but is not limited to

• taking a medical history,

• conducting physical examinations,

• diagnosing or treating patient's condition,

• ordering, preparing or administering drugs,

• documenting on patients' health records, either in electronic or hard copy format,

• having independent access to health records, either in electronic or hard copy format,

• performing or assisting in surgical procedures, or diagnostic patient interventions,

• obtaining consent,

• interacting directly with patient/SDM,

• providing health care advice."

If you do decide to participate in an Observership, please make sure to have your influenza vaccine first.

If you have any questions about Observerships or these limitations, please contact the Registration Coordinator.