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Winding down the summer with Yin Hui’s SRTP

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Throughout the summer we have followed med student Yin Hui as she completed her SRTP project looking at the nature of teaching discussions around care of the elderly on clinical teaching units. Check out her post below as she wraps up her project and reflects on a summer of research.

I think the most important thing I got out of my SRTP experience is that the opportunities for research are very prevalent, and research can be done in a number of settings, on a variety of subjects. Before taking part in SRTP, I've always thought research can only be done on things related to the basic sciences, and only via the quantitative method. The SRTP presentations were very helpful in quickly dispelling that myth! Just within our small group of SRTP students, there were projects on things I never thought could even be studied.

This experience definitely gave me a more in-depth understanding of what "doing research" means, and the large variety of possibilities that comes with it.

So far we have found that there are some qualitative differences between how geriatrician and non-geriatrician teachers approach geriatrics-related teaching opportunities on the CTU. Our ongoing analysis may reveal the teaching rationales that influence these differences.

Yin hopes to see the project through, and will try to continue working on her research while balancing the demands of clerkship.

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