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Windsor Program - resources and support during labour disruption

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Please find below the contact information for the Windsor Program Administration should you require assistance during the CUPE 1393 work stoppage

Dr. Gerry Cooper
Associate Dean, Windsor Program
519-253-3000 ext 4818

Dr. Mark Awuku
Assistant Dean, Faculty & Governmental Affairs
519-253-3000 ext 1412

Dr. Art Kidd
Assistant Director, Learner Equity & Wellness
519-253-3000 ext 4312

Nicole Sbrocca
Manager, Windsor Program
519-253-3000 ext 1416

Anna Farais
Faculty, Anatomy
519-253-3000 ext 4313

Medical Education Building

Contact the Windsor Program main office for any issues: 519.253.3000 ext. 1411

  • The office will maintain regular hours and will be open from 8:30am - 4:30pm
  • Staff will be on site after hours to support additional needs
  • Dr. Art Kidd, Learner Equity and Wellness will be onsite from 9:30am - 11:30am on Friday's but can be reached via e-mail/cell phone outside those hours
  • London staff will also be accessible via e-mail

In case of an emergency after hours, please contact the Program Manager or the Associate Dean for assistance.

Hospital Support

There will be limited administrative support on site at the hospitals Dr. Art Kidd will be at Windsor Regional Hospital, Metropolitan Campus, for the full day on Wednesday's The Program Manager will be at Windsor Regional Hospital (on the 4th floor in Jeanne Hickey's office) from 3pm - 5pm on Monday and Thursday and will be at Hotel-Dieu Grace (on the 5th floor in the Schulich Medicine & Dentistry suite) from 3pm - 5pm on Tuesday and Friday. Please defer to the appropriate Academic Director for any other program-related issue

Residents - Medical Arts Building

Should any issue arise with 1011 Ouellette or housing, please contact the Program Manager or the Associate Dean for assistance