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Checking in with Caitlin Chang, Meds 2016, and her glaucoma SRTP research

Monday, August 12, 2013

Caitlin Chang, Meds 2015, has been busy working on her Summer Research Training Program (SRTP) project since we last checked in with her in July. Learn about her summer participating in the program in Dr. Cindy Hutnik's lab and how her research has evolved over the last month:

The SRTP experience has been good so far, although it's certainly posed a number of challenges!

One of the challenges with our model (stretching cells to simulate pathological stress that trabecular meshwork cells experience in glaucoma) is that it is very difficult to compare what is going on in the eye with the conditions that we are subjecting the cells to in the lab. That being said, we are obtaining some results and they look very interesting. The next step, for me at least, is to better understand how my results fit into the bigger clinical picture.

Our lab organized a stretch cell consortium for people in the Lawson Health Research Institute who are using mechanical stretch to stress their cells. I gave a talk on my research, which was a good experience for me. It was also very interesting to hear talks given from different disciplines, and to compare our goals, challenges and progress. There is a lot of interesting work going on in the field, but also a lot of room for improvement!