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Gaining research experience and exploring the future of elderly care

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Meet Yin Hui, Schulich Medicine, Class of 2015, as she begins her Summer Research Training Program (SRTP). Learn about her SRTP experience so far and what she hopes to achieve over the summer.

The SRTP program is set up very well to give us some exposure into the world of research. It is especially helpful for me, because I have no prior formal research experience.

Working with my supervisor, Dr. Laura Diachun at CERI, my SRTP project is looking at the nature of teaching discussions around care of the elderly on clinical teaching units, mainly in LHSC, but also in a couple of other Canadian hospitals. We know that the elderly population is poised to double by 2030, but are the medical students being prepared to care for the elderly?

We are looking at what the medical students (3rd year clerks) are being taught during the morning case review sessions, and mapping that to the geriatric core competencies that were published by the Canadian Geriatric Society. To do this, we are trying to simulate the morning case review sessions by have a standardized clerk (myself) present three to four cases to the consultant in a one-on-one setting. The consultant is asked to interrupt to clarify or teach as he/she usually would during this kind of presentations.

We've done the majority of our interviews with consultants already, so the goals for this summer is to recruit a couple more people to finish off the interviews (way harder than I thought it would be!), and to synthesize all of the information into something thought provoking for other educators.

On a short term level, I'd also like to improve my case presentation skills through presenting standardized cases to consultants, and to brush up on some information we've learned in the pre-clerkship years as I get quizzed on them during my case presentations.

Overall, it's been a great learning experience so far!