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Looking for new experiences in Tanzania - Tinya Lin, MEDS'16

Monday, June 24, 2013

Meet Tinya Lin, Schulich Medicine, Class of 2016, as she is about to embark on her first MedOutreach trip. As one of the eight MedOutreach team members travelling to Tanzania June 18, Tinya reflects on her hopes and goals for the trip prior to leaving.

I have previously worked in India at an NGO. I remember being struck by the disparity that existed between my thoughts as I boarded the plane to go - 'I don't want to get Delhi belly. Four months is way too long. What if I get malaria?!' However, on my flight home, I kept thinking 'I wonder when I can go back to India.' That was four years ago, so I'm curious to see how different or similar this experience will be.

As a medical student on the MedOutreach team, we will be observing the physicians who work in local in-patient and out-patient clinics. We will also be spending time with an HIV support group, a leprosy home and conducting medical screenings with orphanages and primary schools in the area.

Academically I hope to learn more about tropical medicine and strategies to work in resource-poor settings. I also hope to learn more about the roles that NGOs and other community groups can play in providing comprehensive health care.

Personally, I hope that I'll be able to gain familiarity in a country I've never been to before, and get the chance to develop relationships with our partner organizations in Tanzania.

I think that the variety of ways in which people can promote and improve health is remarkable, and it is inspiring to see what innovation can come out of resource limitations.

We wish the MedOutreach team a safe journey! We look forward to hearing back from them over the summer.

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