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Neila Bazaracai, MEDS'16, reflects before journeying to Tanzania with MedOutreach

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Meet Neila Bazaracai, Schulich Medicine, Class of 2016, who is venturing off on her first trip with MedOutreach. As part of the 8 member team she will be will be travelling to Tanzania, specifically Arusha and the surrounding area on June 18.

"We will be working in various settings, including inpatient and outpatient clinics in Arusha (urban setting), a rural hospital, leprosy and HIV clinics, and diabetes screenings.

We will also be helping at an orphanage, mentoring street youth, and doing school teachings. The dentistry students will be running their own dental clinics, in both urban and rural settings.

As part of the MedOutreach team, I hope to gain an understanding of different health care systems, and how to manage access to care in a resource-scarce setting. I've never spent significant time in a resource-scarce setting before, so I'm excited to experience the difference in culture and explore beautiful Tanzania!"

Our best wishes the team and we look forward to learning more about their achievements.
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