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Windsor's talented performers - from the desk of Gerry Cooper

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dear Students:
Last night I had the distinct privilege of acting as one of three judges for a show highlighting the amazing talents of MEDS-2015 and MEDS-2016 students from the Windsor Program.

Joining me in the judge's circle at the nearby Green Bean Cafe were MEDS-2013 student Joyce Fung and Mike Farquhar, our Student Affairs Officer.

I think I can speak for the three of us in saying that it was a very difficult decision to arrive at who should be recognized over the others. All the performances were very special from humorous duets to wonderful classical piano pieces. I immensely enjoyed every performance and wished that there was time for everybody to play several selections.

At the end of the evening, the 2016's were able to donate any money's collected towards their class charity. Everybody in attendance had a fun time and went away having been thoroughly entertained!

My thanks to Travis Trudeau for the invitation and my congratulations to the entire team who arranged for this fine event.