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The Dr. Percy Demers Medical Student Bursary Program

Friday, April 5, 2013

In honour of Dr. Demers' contribution to our community and hospital, Hôtel-Dieu Grace Hospital (HDGH) is offering an annual bursary in his name recognizing a medical student, nominated by one or more of his or her peers.

The nomination will be based on attributes that embody the spirit of service displayed by Dr. Demers. The attributes he encompassed through his service include collegiality, teamwork, trustworthiness and patient focus. HDGH desires to acknowledge and recognize future medical leaders epitomizing these traits, with a gift of $2,000.

A determination of the successful candidate will be made by a panel that is established by Executive Administration at HDGH.

Nomination forms are available through the Executive Offices of HDGH or online at

The award is open to any medical student in their undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate training who has exhibited one or more of the characteristics typifying the legacy left behind by Dr. Percy Demers, and for whom our cardiac care centre is named. The characteristics are:
• Collegiality;
• Teamwork;
• Trustworthiness;
• Patient Focused.

Deadline for submission for applications is May 1, 2013.