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Dr. Francis Chan Concert Recordings Available

Friday, February 15, 2013

Dr. Kem Rogers, Chair of the Anatomy & Cell Biology Department is making copies available of a recording made of the concert held on January 19th in honour of Dr. Francis Chan. He is willing to make copies for anyone who is interested. Please fill out the following form to let him know how many copies you might like and whether you would like it in Blu Ray or DVD format.

If you are interested, click here to fill out your information.

He is not charging a price but is asking you to consider donating to the Timothy Hennessy Liddiard Student Services Bursary following the directions at the end of this email..

Disks that have been ordered will be made available in the Learner Equity and Wellness Office, Kresge K1, early next week (Tuesday).
To make a donation:

1. Go to :
2. Click on the blue button 'Donate' in the upper right hand corner.
3. And then it will ask you the following questions:

Is this a new gift or pledge payment?
New Gift
Pledge Payment

Make a monthly gift?

Is this gift in honour or memory?

Where would you like to direct your gift?
The Western Fund (highest priority needs)
General Memorial Scholarship Fund

Then fill it out:
Timothy Hennessy Liddiard Student Services Bursary - OOR Staff Bursary F11 (at the end of March, this will change to the Timothy Liddiard and Francis Chan Student Services Bursary)
Enter the amount of donation and it will direct you to fill out the rest of your information.