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Being proactive about treatment: the Rasouli case

Monday, December 10, 2012

Today, the Supreme Court decides a case that addresses a key issue for you and your future patients. The article below explores the question "do physicians require consent before discontinuing treatment, if they determine that treatment is pointless?"

Please take time to read this and follow the ruling.

Ra­souli case shows need to be proac­tive about treat­ment
AN­DRÉ PI­CARD api­card@globe­and­
The Globe and Mail Metro (Ontario Edition)
10 December, 2012

As learned and wise as the Supreme Court justices may be, you don't want them deciding how and when you die. How you die, like how you live, should be your choice, with very few exceptions.

That is the key message the general public should retain from... Click here for the full article.