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Are snowplow and helicopter parents the cause of increased student stress?

Friday, December 7, 2012

Increasingly, universities are finding students reaching higher and higher stress levels. McGill University has noticed a dramatic increase - particularly this year - regarding students coming to mental health services for help. The Globe and Mail article below explores this surge in students looking for support, and touches upon so-called "snowplow parents" who push everything out of their child's way, resulting in children unable to deal with stress and other obstacles that arise. Another form of parenting recently addressed is "helicopter parents" who constantly hover over their children. Check out the Globe article below for the full story.

As student stress hits crisis levels, universities look to ease pressure.

James Bradshaw and Josh Wingrove
The Globe and Mail

The end-of-term exam crunch is a harrowing time at McGill University's mental health services. As classes wind down, the clinic gets more than 20 emergency drop-ins a day - four times the usual rate - from students who sometimes report they have not been to class in weeks, they are struggling to get out of bed, they feel like crying all the time… Click here to read more.