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IP Connections: Working Through Client Cases Together

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Introducing IP Connections - a new and unique 3-phased self-directed learning opportunity for interprofessional groups of students. Starting January 2013, the program aims to help you learn to work in collaborative teams in designing patient care.

Phase 1: Individual completion of Western Team Development Modules (for those who have had no exposure to IPE previously)

Phase 2: Orientation to team working - interprofessional teams of students develop their team working collaborative skills through a series of steps.

Phase 3: Team working around a patient case - the team chooses an online case from and then applies their team working skills to develop a plan of care for the patient.

Certificate for an IP Connection:
IPHER will provide a certificate to each team member for their work if:
- Each team member submits a reflection on their own learning as an outcome of the connection
- The full team provides an overall reflection on their teamwork

During the pilot testing of this program, there is no fee to register and participate.

To register, please contact