Second-Year Surgery Clinical Methods

Suturing closeup

Clinical Methods is a two-part course within the undergraduate medical curriculum with Part I occurring in year one and Part II (for Surgery) taking place in the second-half of year two. The Schulich curriculum map describes this course as:

"This course examines the process of the doctor-patient interaction. Using a patient-centred approach instruction is given in interviewing and physical examination. Clinical reasoning and decision making is explored through the Problem-Orientated Clinical Record. Professionalism and ethics are emphasized as they relate to the clinical setting. Integration of knowledge, application of skills and development of appropriate attitudes are evaluated in this two year course."

The goal of Year 2 Surgery Clinical Methods is for students to acquire a knowledge base and the skills to enter the surgery rotation of clerkship. Surgery Clinical Methods is therefore a basic introduction to surgery. This includes the cognitive aspects of clinical examination, writing orders, etc. but also an introduction to surgical life and thinking.