Strengthen Knowledge

Students learning in a classroom

Strategic Direction #2: Strengthen research knowledge translation and implmentation to achieve health benefits for individuals and populations


Goals and Metrics

  1. Promote and facilitate interdisciplinary and inter-professional research across the four pillars as defined by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research

    - Number and scope of research collaborations /  communities
    - Number of research outreach activities
    - Number of collaborations publicized on website or other media publications

  2. Develop capacity and resources for knowledge translation

    - Number of publications in peer-reviewed journals
    - Number of workshops, seminars, and related activities
    - Number of thesis downloads*
    - total number of citations*
    - Number of citations per paper published*

  3. Facilitate connections with affiliated hospital partners and the private sector to translate research findings into improved health products and technologies

    - Number of industry partners
    - Number of international partners
    - Number of patents, and other data available from WORLDiscoveries
    - Amount of licensing revenue*

  4. Be world leaders in Educational Scholarship

    - Number of identificaitons on ORCID
    - Number of citations
    - Number of international presentations
    - Increase the number of faculty members who have won national awards and international
      teaching/research awards and similar distintions*


* SMA-defined metric
** Western-defined metric