Foster Growth & Success

Faculty members learning in a professional development seminar

Strategic Direction #5: Foster the growth and sucess of faculty and staff


Goals and Metrics

  1. Advance faculty and staff programs with particular focus on developing leadership capacity in health-related fields

    - Number of faculty and staff enrolled in development programs for leadership
    - Number of new leadership programs developed in collaboration with other faculties for faculty and staff
    - Number of participants from across the School, including Windsor and Distributed Education
    - Number and types of development programs offered via various means
    - Number of program listings linked to the main Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry’s website
    - Number of hits on the professional development page
    - Number of faculty and staff completed recognized leadership programs
    - Number of CDP's completed per year
    - Number of faculty that apply for leadership positions at the School or an affiliated hospital

  2. Establish faculty and staff programs designed to recruit, retain, develop and recognize individuals for their valuable contributions

    - Number of uses of onboarding checklists
    - Number of support systems for new recruits to build and strengthen leadership competencies
    - Number of successfully recruited and retained high performers
    - Number of emerging leaders participating in leadership programs
    - Number of awards nominations resulting in an increased percentage of award winners
    - Number of publications related to the faculty development leadership programs
    - Complete the synchronization of survey tools between London Health Sciences Centre /
      St. Joseph's Health Care London/Western assessing engagement and action plans for faculty and staff

  3. Enhance the processes and support the adjunct and community faculty

    - Increased engagement survey participant rate over previous year
    - Number of adjunct faculty participating in the School’s leadership
    - Number of adjunct faculty participating in the School’s CPD programs
    - Number of research opportunities
    - Number of preceptors with research opportunities
    - Number of research supervisory training workshops
    - Creation of documented process for research eligible preceptors

  4. Foster a culture that actively promotes diversity and well-being

    - Benchmark results on engagement survey
    - Number of Indigenous persons participating in the School’s programs
    - Number of females participating in the School’s programs
    - Number of opportunities for faculty and staff training, and ensuring diversity and wellness are included in
      performance evaluations
    - Number of actionable items identified by the Indigenous Advisory Committee
    - Number of outcomes measured from the accepted actionable items identified by the Indigenous Advisory Committee
    - Number of programs created and number of participants enrolled
    - Increase in work/life balance score on engagement survey over previous year
    - Increase diversity among faculty and staff, including the recruitment and retention of designated employee groups
      (including women, visible minorities, aboriginal persons, and persons with disabilities) to lead or exceed the U-15
      averages for representation**



* SMA-defined metric
** Western-defined metric