Enhance Communications

Photograph of Schulich Medicine & Dentistry publications

Strategic Direction #6: Enhance communications, marketing, and engagement for greater impact


Goals and Metrics

  1. Protect, promote and position the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, Western University brand as one of Canada’s preeminent medical and dental schools with a commitment to academic excellence and a passion for scientific discovery

    - By 2020, each of the School’s 21 departments and five education programs will have received a branding tool-kit twice,
      and a branding presentation for their teams once
    - By 2020, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry will have established five sponsorship or GIK sustainable partnerships with
      nationally or internationally recognized organizations whose values and/or mission are aligned with that of our School,
      and who support initiatives at the School
    - Annually, tell at least 250 stories, using print or digital approaches, about the people, programs, initiatives, activities,
      and achievements taking place across Schulich Medicine & Dentistry

  2. Strengthen, diversify, and grow School engagement with alumni, community members, stakeholders and strategic partners

    - By 2020, receive a minimum of $100,000 annually in cash sponsorship to support engagement and awareness events
    - By 2020, a minimum of at least 70 percent of reunion year classes (combined medicine, dentistry, and MPH)
      will be engaged in reunion celebration conversations, on an annual basis
    - Grow the Alumni of Distinction Awards program and by 2020 have a minimum of 28 submitted nominations
    - Through Homecoming, alumni engagement events, reunion programming annually engage a minimum of 800 alumni
      from all the School’s education programs
    - Double alumni engagement, as measured through a range of activities that will include alumni card requests,
      participation in programs and events, address updates, giving to the institution, and voluntarism, etc**

  3. Establish and grow the School’s reputation for global excellence with a focus on national and international audiences

    - By 2020, have a minimum of 10 placements annually in national or international media including niche publications
      (ie: The Scientist, Wired, Vice) with focus on the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Western University
    - Annually provide media relations training to at least 50 percent of all clinical and basic science departments
    - By 2020, annually place three op-eds in local or national media outlets

  4. Support the School’s strategic directions through an integrated approach to internal communications as well as through affiliated hospitals

    - Annually achieve a minimum 2 percent increase in open rates in each of the School’s five core internal e-newsletters
    - Annually, meet with 50 percent of all Chairs and Chair/Chiefs to discuss communication and media needs
    - Annually implement at least one new creative approach for story telling (ie: The R.E.A.L. Life Project), which highlights
      and celebrates the work at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry



* SMA-defined metric
** Western-defined metric