Develop Sustainable Partnerships

Hands holding a globe

Strategic Direction #4: Strengthen and develop sustainable regional and international partnerships and networks


Goals and Metrics

  1. Enhancing our global impact through meaningful and sustainable international partnerships

    - Amount of funding (academic/research) made available via international partnerships
    - Number of faculty members/researchers actively engaged in international partnerships
    - Number of joint publications resulting from international partnerships
    - Number of hits from abroad on Schulich Medicine & Dentistry website
    - Number of contacts/solicitations from abroad
    - Number of mentions of Schulich Medicine & Dentistry in foreign media
    - Number of national appointments and Chairmanships
    - Number of international appointments and Chairmanships

  2. Fostering an exceptional student experience through intercultural and international learning opportunities to build cultural safety and cultural humility

    - Number of courses with global/international and/or intercultural content
    - Number of courses or curricular projects delivered online to an international audience
    - Number and diversity of international experiences available to students
    - Number of students participating in international student clubs/extra-curricular activities with an international focus
    - Number of international experiences divided by degrees conferred*
    - Enhance the learning experience by providing a community-based experiential learning opportunity, an international
      learning opportunity or a research learning opportunity for all undergraduates who wish to pursue one as
      part of their degree**

  3. Attracting and retaining global talent

    - Number and diversity of international learners and faculty members/researchers
    - Retention rate of international learners and faculty/researchers

  4. Leveraging existing loval and regional partnerships, including with affiliated hospitals, through networks such as the SouthWestern Academic Health Network

    - TBD



* SMA-defined metric
** Western-defined metric