Create Knowledge

Student working with a patient

Strategic Direction #1: Create knowledge in the science of health across the life span, and foster a strong culture of research


Goals and Metrics

  1. Improve the School’s research ranking for medical/dental schools in Canada and internationally

    - Amount of research revenure
    - Total year-to-year amount of research revenue
    - Total amount of year-to-year ammount of tri-council research grant revenue
    - Number of externally-funded research Chairs*
    - Number of Western endowed research Chairs*

  2. Ensure core research facilities are operating to sound financial principles and meeting the needs of the School’s researchers

    - Number of facilities running on a deficit

  3. Enrich the focus on research across all levels including faculty, graduate students, postdoctoral trainees, and undergraduate and postgraduate medical and dental trainees working in interprofessional environments in the University and hospitals

    - Number of offered courses containing a required research component
    - Number of publications and other research outputs1
    - Number of grants
    - Number of students identified as lead authors on research publications

    1 Utilizing ORCID, H-Index, Scopus and Citation Impact

    * SMA-defined metric
    ** Western-defined metric