Be Fiscally Responsible


Strategic Direction #7: To be fiscally responsible, supporting the Vision and Mission of the School


Goals and Metrics

  1. Ensure the continued financial health of the School in the context of the University financial plan

    - Compliance with Institutional Planning and Budgeting guidelines
    - Decrease in number of expense policy variances

  2. Align funding with the strategic priorities and goals of the School

    - Percentage of business compliant with Activity Based Budgeting with overall funding assigned to strategic priorities

  3. Expand revenue generating opportunities to support growth and development

    - Number of initiatives brought forward each year for evaluation
    - Number of opportunities put forward are evaluated to ensure profitability; return on investment
      of maximum four
      years, with net contribution to the bottom line of 5-10 per cent
    - Increase the share of the operating budget from non-Provincial sources by 1 per cent per year**

  4. Mobolize philanthopy to fuel the strategic priorities and goals of the School

    - Amount of call activity (number of calls/visits with alumni and community prospects)
    - Amount of dollars raised


* SMA-defined metric
** Western-defined metric