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The Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry is entering the next five years with a strong foundation for our academic and research programs.

At the same time, we will continue to achieve significant milestones and seize new opportunities in an environment of fiscal restraint, increased accountability and expanding expectations from our stakeholders.

A few of the opportunities that will be part of our future are to:

  • Expand our research footprint and impact, while sustaining excellence in all we do;
  • Ensure we are a destination of choice, attracting the best and brightest students, faculty, and staff to the School by continually innovating and making value added investments;
  • Renew our physical plant, while investing in emerging technologies and simulation;
  • Explore and actively engage in interdisciplinary partnerships, at home and around the world;
  • Serve the people of Ontario and Canada, while safeguarding our commitment to excellence in research and education.

The time is right, at the five-year juncture in our current strategic plan, to pause, reflect and renew our strategic blueprint for the next five years.

Take the Survey

You can help us do this by completing this survey and providing us with your candid and thoughtful input. Please think deeply about the questions and let us know what you think, feel, worry about, and hope for the Schulich Medicine & Dentistry.

Once you have completed the survey, simply press submit, and your confidential survey response will be forwarded to a database. All data will be collected, sorted and analyzed and the summary report will fully inform the renewal of the School's Strategic Plan. We will also post the summary report on our Strategic Planning page once it has been finalized.

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