Committees & Task Forces

Exterior Building at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry

For a list of members within the Committees and Task Forces for the Strategic Plan at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Western University please see below.

2016-2017 Working Groups

School Directors Group

Senior Leadership Council


Steering Committee 2015 - 2016


  • Adrienne Borre, PhD trainee
  • Chris Chan, Dentistry
  • Stephanie Fong, Undergraduate Medicine


  • Dr. Jim Lewis, Division of Respirology
  • Dr. Gordon Payne, Dentistry
  • Dr. Laura Price, Division of Emergency Medicine
  • Dr. Rob Stodilka, Medical Biophysics

Robarts Research Institute

  • Dr. Grace Parraga


  • Dr. Gary Tithecott/Dr. Chris Watling (50:50 shared role)


  • Catherine Joyes, SWAHN


  • Joanne Gibb, Family Medicine
  • Dr. Kem Rogers, Anatomy and Cell Biology

Dean’s Office

  • Jennifer Parraga, Communications

Academic Hospital Sector

  • Dr. Robin Walker

Project Manager

  • Rodger Moran

Task Forces 2015

Research Task Force Membership

  • Alison Allan, Member
  • Tom Appleton, Member
  • Anne Becker, Consultant
  • Frank Beier, Member
  • Adrienne Borrie, Member
  • James Lewis, Co-Chair
  • Lorrelei Lingard, Member
  • Grace Parraga, Co-Chair
  • Geoffrey Pickering, Member
  • Susanne Schmid, Member
  • Walter Siqueria, Member

Internationalization Task Force Membership

  • Eric Arts, Member
  • Anne Becker, Consultant
  • Christoffer Dharma, Member
  • Candace Gibson, Member
  • Key Hickey, Member
  • Melanie Katsivo, Member
  • Silke Klenk, Co-Chair
  • Marlys Koschinsky, Member
  • Terry Peters, Member
  • Kem Rogers, Co-Chair
  • John Ruicci, Member
  • Walter Siqueria, Member
  • Gary Tithecott, Member
  • Sonya Van Nuland, Member
  • Andrew Watson, Member
  • Chris Watling, Member
  • Mark Weyers, Member

Education Task Force Membership

  • Anne Becker, Consultant
  • Richard Bohay, Member
  • Dani Cadieux, Member
  • Nicole Campbell, Member
  • Vlad Diaconita, Member
  • Candace Gibson, Member
  • Lorne Gula, Member
  • Jay Loftus, Member
  • Herschel Rosenberg, Member
  • Brian Rotenberg, Member
  • Wassim Saad, Member
  • Gary Tithecott, Co-Chair
  • Shannon Venance, Member
  • Chris Watling, Co-Chair

Simulation Task Force Membership

  • Anne Becker, Consultant
  • Richard Cherry, Member
  • Sayra Cristancho, Member
  • Michael Ott
  • Kem Rogers, Member
  • Ian Ross, Member
  • Alice Tsui, Member
  • Justin Quesnelle, Member

Strategic Planning Committee 2011

Strategic Planning Committee

  • Dr. Michael Strong, Dean Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Chair Strategic Planning Committee (SPC)
  • Dr. Mark Awuku, Acting Associate Dean, Schulich Windsor Program, University of Windsor
  • Dr. Karen Campbell, Chair Epidemiology & Biostatistics, Chair of Basic Science Chairs
  • Dr. Bertha Garcia, Vice Dean Education
  • Dr. Victor Han, Associate Dean Research
  • Dr. William Hodge, Chair/Chief Ophthalmology, Chair of Clinical Chairs
  • Dr. Doug Jones, Associate Dean, Basic Medical Sciences and Academic Affairs
  • Mr. Dwayne Martins, Chief Operating Officer, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry
  • Dr. Jane Rylett, Chair Physiology & Pharmacology, Associate Director, Robarts Research Institute
  • Dr. Harinder Sandhu, Associate Dean & Director Schulich Dentistry
  • Dr. Margaret Steele, Acting Associate Dean, Clinical Academic Affairs

Strategic Planning Administrative Coordinators

  • Karen Dalglish
  • Nicole Farrell