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Meet Dr. Walter Siqueira

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Walter Siqueira, DDS, PhD is one of the first and only dental clinician-scientists in Canada conducting salivary proteome research. His research has focused on how saliva could be used to improve the health of patients, both as a diagnostic tool and as a therapeutic one.   

In addition, Dr. Siqueira holds the prestigious title of CIHR New Investigator. Learn more

Featured Publications

featuredPublicationZuanazzi D, Arts EJ, Jorge PK, Mulyar Y, Gibson R, Xiao Y, Santos MB, Machado MAAM, Siqueira WL. (2017) Postnatal Identification of Zika Virus Peptides from Saliva. Journal of Dental 96(10) :1078-1084.

Crosara, KBT. Moffa EB, Xiao Y, Siqueira WL. (2017) Merging in-silico and in vitro salivary protein complex partners using the STRING database: A tutorial. Journal of Proteomics S1874-3919(17)30266-X. 
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