Schulich Research Opportunities Program (SROP)

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  • February 11, 2019  -   Stage 1 - Application and Project Summary due (attached here in both PDF and Word files)
  • March 18, 2019 - Applicants/supervisors notified of results
  • April 22, 2019 - Stage 2 - Project Description due (attached here in both PDF and Word files)
  • June 2019 - Start date for new SROP awards


The Schulich Research Opportunity Program is intended to foster an appreciation for research as an integral part of a medical/dental career. The program provides support for research experience and mentorship from a Clinician Scientist. It is hoped that this program will provide an opportunity for students to experience the day-to-day life of a Clinician Scientist.

Program Scope

SROP will provide funding for Schulich Medicine & Dentistry undergraduate medical and dental students to undertake a research project under the supervision of a Schulich Medicine & Dentistry clinician scientist. Projects may be in any area of biomedical and medical research including basic, clinical, health services or education research. Requests may be for new projects, or for projects which build on prior research activities. The project must be located at Western University, its affiliated hospitals and institutes, or at a Distributed Medical Education site.

Students will work with a Clinician Scientist for 3 - 4 years during their medical/dental school career including at least one summer (10 weeks) conducting research. Students will be expected to present their research at the annual Clinician Scientist Symposium and are strongly encouraged to present at other venues. 

International projects can be submitted through the Global Research Opportunities in Health (GROH) Program

Projects that are primarily public service in nature, while worthwhile, are not eligible for this student research support. Funding will also not be provided for projects required for existing courses.


Undergraduate medical  and dental students, excluding MD/PhD students, currently enrolled in their first or second year within the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, are eligible to apply.

BMSc students, postgraduate trainees, and graduate students in Schulich Medicine & Dentistry departments are not eligible for this program. Undergraduate medical or dental students who hold a MSc and wish to apply may not work in the same laboratory where they received their graduate training. Faculty members are not eligible to submit applications by themselves.

Award Amount

The award amount is $5,500. Of this, $4,500 will be used as a stipend for one summer (10 weeks, full-time). The balance of the award, $1,000, will be for the student's costs related to presenting their research. These funds may be used to cover the costs of accommodation, transportation, food, registration fee and poster presentation. Any other uses of SROP funding must have the approval from the Schulich Research Office.

The amount of time devoted to the project will be agreed between the student and faculty member. This includes expectation of one summer, full-time research (10 weeks). SROP will only cover the cost for one summer.

Award Duration

In most cases, awards will be 3 - 4 years in duration.


Projects will be required to obtain Western University's Research Ethics Board (REB), Animal Care Commitee (ACC) or Biohazard approvals, as applicable, prior to commencement of the student's work. 

Supervisor Requirements

  • Each student must work with their identified supervisor to develop a research project.
  • The supervisor commits to supervise and mentor the student over the course of the SROP award. The supervisor will work with the student to design a feasible project.
  • The supervisor is responsible for all research costs beyond funding from SROP.
  • A supervisor is limited to one student per competition.
  • The supervisor is to provide time to mentor the student in their research lab, as well as their clinical practice.

Additional Program Requirements

  • Students will be expected to submit brief annual updates of their project to the Schulich Research Office.
  • Students are expected to attend the Clinical Investigator Program Seminars and MD/PhD Seminars (bi-monthly).
  • Students will also be expected to present their research at Schulich's annual Clinician Scientist Symposium and to take advantage of other opportunities to present their research at poster sessions or venues such as: London Health Research Day; institutional or departmental research days; regional meetings; and national or international meetings.
    *Although these activities are highly encouraged as a critical part of the research project, they may not conflict with curricular sessions unless specific permission is obtained from the Undergraduate Medical/Dental Office.
  • Finally, students and supervisors will also be expected to complete a brief evaluation form after the end of the first year. The form will be provided by the Schulich Research Office.

Expected Number of Awards

It is expected that up to 8 awards will be made in the first year of this pilot competition.

Application Process:

1.  Stage 1 -  Due February 11, 2019

Application including:

- Project Summary (general description of area of research, 1/2 page maximum)

- Student Statement (explain why this project was chosen and the relevancy of doing this research in the student's career, 1/2 page maximum)

Click here for form in PDF and Word files

Students/Supervisors will be notified of results by March 18, 2019. Only successful applicants are required to complete Stage 2 - Project Description/Time Line (see below) by the April 22, 2019 deadline.

2.   Stage 2 -  Due April 22, 2019

- Project Description (include the following components: background, rationale, hypothesis, methodology and data anaylsis, student's role and the target venues for presenting research, 3 pages maximum)

- Project Time Line (describe in detail how the project will be accomplished within the specified period, given the student's academic workload and identify the summer the student plans to work on this project. 

Note: Students should be realistic when estimating the time they will be able to devote to SROP projects during their academic and clerkship years.

Click here for form in PDF and Word files

Acceptable Format: Applications must conform to the following specifications:
Font: Times New Roman or Arial
Font Size: 12
Line Spacing: Single
Minimum Page Margin in Top, Bottom, Right and Left: 1"

For a list of SROP Supervisors please click here