Global Research Opportunities in Health (GROH)

  1. GROH is part of the SROP and the  guidelines, procedure and deadline are the same.
  2. GROH projects will be expected to take place in a low to middle income country. Projects within Canada will be considered if they are based on research that is concerned with health matters that are without borders and involve marginalized or at-risk populations (eg. prison health, health of those experiencing homelessness, aboriginal heath, refugee health, etc). If you are unsure if a country and/or project meets GROH's requirements, please email
  3. GROH applications will be adjudicated using the same RIGOROUS criteria that is used for all SROP applications.
  4. All the successful GROH applicants will be required to contact the Schulich International Office ( to arrange for the mandatory pre-departure training, medical risk assessment, mask fitting, out-of-country follow-up plan and other logistics pertaining to the research placement.

If you have any questions with regards to the application process, please email