S4 Workshop

Over 75% of interventions used in routine health care are not currently supported by high-quality evidence. Clinical research provides this evidence, giving healthcare providers the confidence to use the best interventions, achieving better health outcomes, practices, and policies. High-quality evidence can come from various forms of clinical trials, including large-scale randomized controlled trials. However, multiple barriers, particularly cost, can prevent such trials from being conducted.

Dr. Amit Garg and advisors from Western University, ICES Western, Lawson Health Research Institute, and London’s academic hospitals are developing a platform focused on supporting local researchers as they conduct these critically-needed, large-scale randomized trials. The trials provide the same quality evidence as traditional trials, in less time and at a substantially reduced per-patient cost. This platform builds capacity and leverages existing expertise and data assets to test health care solutions that are simple, scalable, and sustainable (referred to as “S4: Simple, Scalable & Sustainable Solutions”).

The platform is meant to be ‘disease-agnostic’ – available to support investigators from different Western faculties including the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry and the Faculty of Health Sciences, as they conduct large-scale, randomized trials, helping researchers avoid logistical barriers that often impede traditional multi-centre trials.

For further information on this platform, please contact Research@schulich.uwo.ca.

Accelerating Randomized Trials – S4: Simple, Scalable, Sustainable Solutions Workshop

Event date: Saturday, April 30, 2022
Event time: 8:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. by Zoom

Bringing together the Western University research community to inspire and advance research in new ways, enabling large-scale trials which test simple, scalable, and sustainable solutions (S4) that have the potential for impact on the quality of health and health care delivery.

S4 Workshop Agenda & Speaker Biographies

Thank you for attending. Videos from the workshop will be available online soon.