Schulich/Lawson Internal Peer Review for CIHR Project Scheme

We are seeking researchers intending to submit to the Project Scheme: 2016 1st live pilot competition (March 2016) and who would like to participate in the Schulich/Lawson internal peer review process.

The goal of this internal peer review process is to strengthen the proposals being prepared for the March 2016 Project Scheme competition. The intent is to provide applicants more extensive feedback/critique to assist with the development of their application. We do realize that there may be changes in the information provided for the funding opportunity (including its supporting documents), and we will keep this in mind during the review, providing updates when we here about them.

The review process will involve several steps, and will be somewhat tailored for each participant.

The process includes:
1. An initial meeting with a research officer to determine what stage of development you are at with your grant.

2. A brief talk (like a chalk talk) to a small internal review committee (include brainstorming if needed).

3. A more in depth discussion of your proposal (following first draft of proposal) followed by a subsequent review of a revised draft.
In developing this process, we have incorporated lessons learned from previous rounds of the Internal Peer Review Process.

Individuals planning to submit an application to the March 2016 Project Scheme are strongly encouraged to consider participating in this process. If you would like to participate, please email Mary Ann Pollmann-Mudryj at by September 8, 2015.

Following our initial meetings with the applicants, we will be contacting individual faculty members to participate as reviewers for this process. We hope that you would be willing to assist us, should you be contacted.