Congratulations to six new Collaborative Research Seed Grants recipients

We are very pleased to announce six new Collaborative Research Seed Grants (CRSG). CRSG provides seed funding for the formation and development of new interdisciplinary collaborative research teams. The intent is to promote new collaborations that build on different scientific and scholarly backgrounds, to facilitate breakthroughs in solving research questions in a collaborative manner and to position the School's researchers to successfully respond to targeted RFP's from Tri-Council or other funding agencies.
Congratulations to all the recipients. 
KISSlR signalling in breast cancer metastasis
PI: Dr. Moshmi Bhattacharya (Physiology and Pharmacology)
Co-Investigator: Dr. Muriel Brackstone (Surgery)
Assessing brain structure and function in newborns with neonatal abstinence syndrome during the first postnatal year
PI: Dr. Rhodri Cusack (Medical Biophysics)
Co-Investigators: Dr. Henry Roukema (Paediatrics); Dr. David Lee (Paediatrics); Dr. Leire Zubiaurre-Elorza (Brain and Mind Institute)
Improving Outcomes in Patients with Reversible Spinal Cord Compression: Development and Validation of a Novel Rodent Model for Interventional Testing
PI: Dr. Neil Duggal (CNS)
Co-Investigators: Dr. Rob Bartha (Robarts/Medical Biophysics); Dr. Arthur Brown (Robarts/Anatomy and Cell Biology)
Peptides Specific for Glypican-3 as Next-Generation ImagingTools for Improved Non­invasive Imaging of Hepatocellular Carcinoma
PI: Dr. Hon Leong (Surgery)
Co-Investigators: Dr. Ting-Yim Lee (Robarts/Medical Imaging); Dr. Len Luyt (Oncology); Dr. Jim Koropatnick (Oncology); Dr. Chris Pin (Paediatrics)
Identifying molecular changes specific to subtype of knee osteoarthritis
PI: Dr. Douglas Naudie (Surgery)
Co-Investigator: Dr. Frank Beier (Physiology and Pharmacology)
Identifying biomarkers of prodromal fibrosis in Dupuytren's disease and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
PI: Dr. David O'Gorman (Surgery)
Co-Investigator: Dr. Lisa Hoffman (Medical Biophysics)