Academic Research Day

Thank you to those who participated in the Department of Psychiatry Academic Research Day. On behalf of the Department of Psychiatry Research Committee, we would like to congratulate the following 2019 award winners:

Best Poster Presentation by a Student/Trainee: Jordan Edwards - Concordance Between Health Administrative Data and Structured Interview Diagnoses for Mood and Anxiety Disorders in Ontario, Canada

Best Overall Poster Presentation: Pan Yunzhi - Morphological Profiling of Schizophrenia: Cluster Analysis of MRI-Based Cortical Thickness Data

Tom Hepburn Award for the Best Overall Oral Presentation: Dr. Min Tae M. Park - Hippocampal Neuroanatomy in First Episode Psychosis Follows Receptor-specific Morphometric Patterning


If you have any questions, please contact Lindsay Cecile.

The program for the Department of Psychiatry Academic Research Day, including abstracts for each presentation, can be found here.