Resident Scholarly Activities

Residents in the Department of Psychiatry are involved in numerous research activities.

You can find out more information about specific topics and activities below. 

Publications by Psychiatry Residents

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Resident Scholarly Update Group

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Scholarly Guidelines for Residents

  • The primary purpose of residency training in psychiatry is to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills required in order to provide excellent clinical care. This requires an ability to continuously review and evaluate information regarding new techniques of treatment and assessment. It is, therefore, important that all residents develop core competencies in understanding the basic principles of research design and critical appraisal of research literature. In addition, some residents will be interested in pursuing research as an integral part of their career. It is important that the latter individuals be provided with opportunities to develop greater proficiencies in various research skills.
  • The specific goals and objectives for the Scholarly component of the residency program are, therefore, divided into “core competencies” which are relevant to all residents and “proficiencies” which are relevant to those residents with more specific training objectives in research. It is anticipated that the former will provide the necessary background for those intending to engage entirely in clinical practice, whereas the latter will be of particular interest to residents intending to undertake a career which includes a stronger research component such as an academic career, industry research, etc.
  • The document outlining the Research Guidelines for Psychiatry residents can be found in it's entirety here.

Resident Scholarly Activities

Dr. Oluwatoni Oyewole-Eletu PGY6
Project Title: Mindfulness Group-based Intervention for Early Psychosis: A Multi-Site Randomized Controlled Trial.
Supervisor: Dr. Arlene McDougall

Dr. Julia Mastrangelo PGY5
Project Title: Meta-analysis of RCTs comparing effectiveness of telepsychiatry versus in person psychiatric care in the diagnosis and treatment of depression as the primary outcome. Secondary outcomes will be cost effectiveness and acceptability to patients.
Supervisor: Dr. Giuseppe Guaiana

Dr. Ryan Parker PGY5
Project Title: Examining antipsychotic adherence factors in an extended psychosis program.
Supervisor: Dr. Leonardo Cortese

Dr. James Charbonneau PGY5
Project Title: Diagnostic Accuracy of Referrals in an Academic Consultation-Liaison Service.
Supervisor: Dr. Michael Mak

Dr. Sahand BabapoorFarrokhran PGY5
Project Title: Recording EEG pre-, during, and post-rTMS in treatment resistant depressed patients to investigate the effects of rTMS in brain synchronization patterns and connectivity.
Supervisor: Dr. Amer Burhan

Dr. Mohammad Alolayan PGY5
Project Title: SKY Vs HEP in PTSD
Supervisor: Dr. Kamini Vasudev

Dr. Zainab Bhojani & Dr. Mahtab Asadabadi PGY5
Project Title: S-citAD
Supervisor: Dr. Amer Burhan

Project Title: STAN
Supervisor: Dr. Amer Burhan

Dr. Israel Spivak PGY5
Project Title: Circumscribed interests in ASD - prevalence and qualitative analysis
Supervisor: Dr. Rob Nicholson

Dr. Ashley Galloway PGY5
Project Title: Clinical trial looking at the use of arbaclofen for treatment of behaviours in Autism spectrum disorder.
Supervisor: Dr. Rob Nicolson

Dr. Jasmine Aulak & Dr. Arnold Lee PGY4
Project Title: QI project: Assessment of MDD in ambulatory care- HQO standards
Supervisor: Dr. Kamini Vasudev

Dr. Jeremy Chitplin & Dr. Beverly Chuong PGY4
Project Title: QI initiative: Reducing Fatigue in CEPS On Call.
Supervisor: Dr. Arlene MacDougall

Dr. Arash Dhaliwal PGY4
Project Title: Evaluating Program Outcomes Established to Facilitate the Healing Process of Yazidi Refugee Women Living in London, Ontario.
Supervisor: Dr. Javeed Sukhera

Dr. Daniela Kwaitkowsky PGY4
Project Title: How does a standardized M&M exercise involving residents and consultants affect self-assessed confidence level to manage similar clinical presentations in independent practice?
Supervisor: Dr. Javeed Sukhera

Dr. Emily Lu PGY4
Project Title: Implementation of Recovery Through the Arts Program on Inpatient Psychiatry Units.
Supervisor: Dr. Arlene MacDougall

Dr. Katrina Fenicky PGY4
Project Title: Surviving Memory in Postwar El Salvador
Supervisor: Dr. Arlene MacDougall

Dr. Paris Lai PGY4
Project Title: Relationship between late-life depression, executive dysfunction and impaired gait velocity.
Supervisor: Dr. Amer Burhan

Dr. Andrew Bridgen PGY4
Project Title: Health related quality-of-life in veterans with PTSD and sexual dysfunction.
Supervisor: Dr. J. Don Richardson

Dr. Ju Eun Lee PGY3
Project Title: Clinical rater for the s-citad study, Cultural psychiatry curriculum.
Supervisor: Dr. Amer Burhan

Dr. Sean Li PGY3
Project Title: Examining whether there is a relationship between paracingulate sulcus length and psychosis using MR head images of people with first episode psychosis and healthy controls.
Supervisor: Dr. Lena Palaniyappan

Dr. Alex Macdonald PGY3
Project Title: Neuropsychological Testing Coupled with Functional MRI in Patients with Borderline Personality Disorder".
Supervisor: Dr. Adrian Owen

Dr. Matt Park PGY3
Project Title: Cholinergic dysfunction in psychosis
Supervisor: Dr. Lena Palaniyappan

Dr. Svetlana Iskakhova PGY3
Project Title: The effects of mood symptoms treatment on quality of life and motor function in de novo Parkinson's Disease patients.
Supervisor: Dr. Mandar Jog & Dr. Akshya Vasudev

Dr. Tom Wasiuta PGY3
Project Title: Ketamine in PTSD
Supervisor: Dr. Ruth Lanius & Dr. J. Don Richardson

Dr. Shawn Hudes PGY3
Project Title: 'An Analysis of How Different Member Types of the Consent and Capacity Board Make Decisions'.
Supervisor: Dr. Richard O'Reilly

Dr. Jennifer Jrbevsky PGY3
Project Title: QI project: MOST - Mobile outreach support and treatment. Assess impact of this service on increased access to mental health in homeless population.
Supervisor: Dr. Richard Owen

Dr. Zinnia Ali PGY3
Project Title: A quality improvement project and audit of the psychiatric care provided in the ER.
Supervisor: Dr. Rajasekar Basker

Resident Research Track

The Research Track offers residents dedicated research time and training from PGY2 to the completion of residency while ensuring the resident meets the full clinical training requirements of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada:

PGY2-3: half-day per week of protected research time

PGY4: one day per week of protected research time

PGY4-5: research electives vs. Clinician-Investigator Program based on availability and preference

For more detailed information about the Research Track, please consult page 8-11 of the Curriculum to Facilitate Scholarly competencies.


Applications are due March 31st to

Introduction to Scholarly Curriculum in Psychiatry Residency at Western-Schulich

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