Introduction to Research in the Division of General Psychiatry

 As would be expected from a large and diverse group, there are several lines of research being pursued within the Division of General Psychiatry.

Our first episode-early intervention and general programs are at the forefront of producing high impact clinical outcomes and health services & policy research.  urther related to health services research, a number of members are actively engaged in smart health technologies research.  Psychopharmacological research remains an important part of the division's madate, with researchers active spanning the range from the provincial population level (ICES) to the individual genome (personalized medicine).  Cognition and emotional processing studies, sometimes in conjunction with brain imagingn research are conducted within the division, and often in collaboration with colleagues from our Neuropsychiatry division.  Suicide-related research is a priority area within the division.  Several division members are actively engaged in educational scholarship, and there is a growing emphasis on research withinthe division in the areas of aboriginal and remote mental health. 

Publications by Members of the Division of General Psychaitry

1.  Beyaert, M., Takhar, J., Dixon, D., Steele, M.M., Isserlin, L., Garcia, C., Pereira, I., & Eadie, J. (2013). A review of Canadian medical school conflict of interest policies. Creative Education, 4(3), 217-222.  Link to the abstract here.

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5.  Frewen, P.A., Evans, B., Goodman, J., Halliday, A., Boylan, J., Moran, G., Reiss, J.P., Score, A., & Lanius, R.A. (2013). Development of a childhood attachment and relational trauma screen (CARTS): A relational-socioecological framework for surveying attachment security and childhood trauma history. European Journal of Psychotraumatology, 4, (Epub ahead of print).  Link to the Pubmed listing here.

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11.  Malla, A.K., Chie, P., Joran, G., Stip, E., Koczerginski, D., Milliken, H., Joseph, A., Williams, R., Adams, B., Manchanda, R., Oyewumi, K., & Roy, M. (2013). An exploratory open-label randomized trial comparing risperidone long acting injectable (RLAI) with oral antipsychotic medication in the treatment of early psychosis. Clinical Schizophrenia & Related Psychoses.  (Epub ahead of print).  Link to the Pubmed listing here.

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Grants Currently held by Members of the Division of General Adult Psychiatry

1.  Cloitre, M., Lanius, R.A. (Principal Investigators), Herman, J., & Kaslow, N, (Co- Investigators).  Implementation of an Evidence Based PTSD Treatment in Public Sector Settings.  National Institutes of Mental Health.  $3,090,352 USD; 2011-2014.

2.  Forchuk, C., (Principal Investigator), Abdulrazak, B., Campbell, R., Capretz, M., Corring, D.,   Donelle, L., Eagleson, R., Hoch, J.S., Jeng, M.S., Neal, D., Norman, R.M.G., Oudshoorn, E., Petrenko, M., Ray, S., Reiss, J.P., Richardson, J.D., Rudnick A., Vingilis, E.,&  Wang, X.  (Co-Investigators).  Laboratory for Research to Study Community Integration of People with Mental Illness, capital equipment grant.  Canada Foundation for Innovation (40%) and Co-Sponsors (60%).  $380,566; 2012-2014

3.  Forchuk, C., (Principal Investigator), Martin, M., Corring, D., Mustin-Powell, J., Campbell, R., McIntosh, L., Sherman, D., Cheng, R.,  Shrivastava, R., Ouseley, S., Edwards, B., Reiss, J.P., & Mitchell, B.  (Co-Investigators).  Implementing the Transitional Discharge Model (TDM) operating grant.  The Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario (CAHO) Adopting Research to Improve Care (ARTIC) program.  $1,400,000; 2012-2015.

4.  Forchuk, C., (Principal Investigator), Rudnick, A., Reiss, J.P., Hoch, J., Petrenko, M., Godin, M., Corring, D., Donnelle, L, Edwards, B., Mitchell, B., Neal, D., Ouseley, S., Vingilis, E., Campbell, R., Norman, R.M.G., & Osuch, E.A.  (Co-Investigators).  Mental Health Engagement Network (MHEN) Connecting Clients with their Health Team.  Canada Health Infoway (75%), TELUS and Lawson Health Research Institute (25%).  $1,797,226; 2011-2014.

5.  Frewen, P.A., (Principal Investigator), Lanius, R.A., Neufeld, R.W., & Reiss, J.P. 
(Co-Investigators).  Psychological Assessment of Symptom Causal Relations.  Canadian Institute of Health Research.  $54,258;  2011-2014.

6.  Lanius, R.A.  (Principal Investigator).  Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma.  Judith Harris Foundation.  $750,000; 2008-2015.

7.  Lanius, R.A. (Principal Investigator), & Van Der Kolk, B.  Functional Neuroanatomy of Bilateral Eye Movement During Trauma Script Imagery.  EMDR Association/Institute/Foundation.  $50,000; 2012-2014.

8.  Osuch, E.A.  (Principal Investigator), Theberge, J., Williamson, P.C., & Mitchell, D.G.  Functional Neuroimaging of Intrinsic Hemodynamic Networks in Bipolar Disorder, Unipolar Depressive Disorder, and Health Controls:  Finding a Biomarker for Bipolarity.  Pfizer.  $100,000; 2012-2014. 

9.  Reiss, J.P. (Principal Investigator), Glover, C., &  Benbow, C.  Creation of the full-time Psychiatrist model in the Emergency Department.  Ontario Ministry of Health Pay-for-Results Funding.  $200,000; 2013-2014.

10.  Richard, J.  (Principal Investigator), O’Reilly, R., Corring, D., & Dua, V.  Use and Effectiveness of Community Treatment Orders for Patients in the Early Phase of Psychosis.  Seed funding grant from The University of Western Ontario Department of Psychiatry.  $4,590; 2013-2014.

11.  Osuch,E.A., Drost, D., Menon, R.S., Theberge, J., Neufeld, R.W., Rajakumar, R., & Pavlosky, W.   Candidate Neuronal Circuits in Schizophrenia.  Canadian Institute for Health Research, Operating Grant.  $739,754; 2012-2018.

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