Neuropsychiatry Group


“The challenge of our time is not to discover a gene for a particular neuropsychiatric disorder but to understand the final common pathway of the disorder with advanced brain imaging techniques.” - Peter Williamson

The Neuropsychiatry Group was created in 2001 to provide academic leadership in neuroscience research within the Department of Psychiatry. It provides a home for basic science researchers within the department and facilitates more effective collaboration with clinical research groups. It enhances collaboration between imaging researchers at the Robarts Research Institute, the Lawson Health Research Institute and these clinical research groups. Finally, it allows the development of advanced training opportunities within the department at a fellowship, MSc, PhD and postdoctoral level through collaboration with the Department of Medical Biophysics, Anatomy and Cell Biology and the Neuroscience Graduate Program. The division also contributes to clinical service provision through a consultation role with the Department of Clinical Neurological Sciences and with the Acquired Brain Injury program at Parkwood Hospital.