Anita Woods

Anita Woods

Assistant Professor

PH.D. University of Western Ontario 
B.Sc. University of Western Ontario 
Office:  Medical Sciences Building 208
p. 519.661.4007
f. 519.661.3827 
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Anita Woods is the course manager for the Physiology and Pharmacology 4980E courses, Physiology 2130 distance studies and Physiology 9550 course, as well as teaching and administration in Physiology 3130Y, 2130 and Pharmacology 3580Y.  In addition to lecturing, she is involved in further improving current courses offered by the department as well as developing new courses.  Although she thoroughly enjoyed researching molecular mechanisms of cartilage differentiation in the laboratory of Dr. Frank Beier, Dr. Woods will be switching her research interest to studying educational outcomes in higher educational institutes.  She is passionate about the student learning experience and how to enrich learning and instruction in the basic medical sciences.


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