Douglas Jones

Douglas Jones


Vice Dean, Basic Medical Sciences
 University of Calgary
M.Sc. University of Alberta
B.Sc. (H.) University of Alberta
Office:  Medical Sciences Building Rm. 262
p. 519.661.2111 x. 83480
f. 519.661.4051 

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My research focuses on determining physiology and pathophysiology of cardiovascular function. Recent studies have focussed on substrates associated with arrhythmia in atrial fibrillation, mechanisms of, and development of procedures and tools for minimally-invasive, robotically-assisted cardiac surgery, and neurophysiological regulatory mechanisms of cardiovascular control as well as pathophysiological factors in cardiac development.

Mechanisms of arrhythmia studies have determined the role of tissue, cellular and subcellular altered ionic basis of electrical instability in arrhythmia, and gap junction alterations. In addition, there is an apparent regional disparity rendering the left atrium as the "driving" area for the induction and maintenance of atrial fibrillation - the tissue and cellular basis of this regional difference is unknown. A major contributor to the induction and maintenance of atrial arrhythmia is due to altered autonomic function. Part of this work has involved the development of novel surgical procedures for arrhythmia therapy: we have been investigating optimization of novel surgical approaches which are applicable to minimally invasive robot-assisted surgery.

Additional studies have involved insults during gestation which alter cardiac development. Studies involving transgenic and knock-out mouse models have been utilized to determine the signalling pathways involved in this regulation.



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