Dr. Patrick Potter MD, FRCP(C)

Patrick Potter

Emeritus Professor

Area of Focus

Spinal Cord Injury, Medical Problems in Performing Artists and Foot Impairment

Bio Sketch

Dr. Potter completed an undergraduate degree in Science at the University of New Brunswick (1978), a Medical Degree at Dalhousie University (1980), and a Rotating Internship at Dalhousie University (1981) prior to working 5 years in a rural general practice. He went on to complete residency training in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Dalhousie University (1990).

Dr. Potter’s past appointments have included: Chair of the Canadian Physiatrist’s Research Development Fund; Chief Department Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Parkwood Hospital; Associate Scientist,  Lawson Health Research Institute; Editorial Board of E Medicine; and 2nd Executive City Wide Medical Dental Staff.

Dr. Patrick Potter is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Western University. Although his primary appointment has focused on the area of spinal cord injury, specialty clinics include spasticity management with botox and intrathecal baclofen, urodynamics in the management of neurogenic bladder, electromyography, medical problems in performing artists and non- economic loss assessment.


Dr. Potter has been the Medical Director of a research team investigating the benefits of 4‑aminopyridine in spinal cord injury. This research has assisted in the development of this medication, now in clinical trials, to support is release as a further tool in the management of impairments caused by SCI. Most recently Dr. Potter has been involved in studies investigating new ways to manage secondary complications of spinal cord injury (urinary tract infections, sexual dysfunction, neuropathic pain, and skin ulceration) and how patients access information relevant to the management of these types of complications. Dr. Potter has published 60 articles in peer-reviewed journals, 5 book chapters, edited 2 books and 12 virtual chapters, greater than 100 abstracts and other articles and has been in successful receipt of 58 research grants.  He has received grants from the PVA, American Paralysis Association, and Rick Hansen Man in Motion Legacy Fund, The Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation and the Canadian Institute of Health Research in support of his current work.


Dr. Potter lectures in the areas of Spinal Cord Injury, Medical Problems in performing artists, Lower extremity Impairments, Health and Music Performance and Complementary and Alternative Medicine. He co-chairs undergraduate courses in Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Health and Music Performance.


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