PaLM Return to Campus Plan


Version: May 13, 2021

Dear Faculty, Staff, Postdoctoral Scholars and Students,

Please see below the details of our on-campus health and safety requirements in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.

For all Faculty, Staff, Postdoctoral Scholars and Students

Discuss Return to Campus Expectations with your Supervisor

  • Please connect with your Supervisor to discuss expectations in terms of returning to campus.
  • On-campus activities should be reserved for work that cannot be completed from home.
  • Concerns with being on campus or in the lab should be disclosed to your Supervisor and/or the Undergraduate or Graduate Chair.
  • Your Supervisor will inform you of lab schedules and shifts and how to book your time on campus.

For all Faculty, Staff, Students and Postdoctoral Scholars

Before Reporting to Campus

  • View the video on OWL: COVID-19 Training Video: Return to Campus Essentials and answer the certification question.
  • Before each visit to campus, you must complete the relevant health screening questionnaire, specifically:

    • Faculty, staff, and postdoctoral scholars with active employment records who are based on campus, please complete the "Return to Campus Questionnaire" in myHR.
    • Graduate students undergraduate students, work-study participants and Western volunteers, please complete the "Return to Campus Questionnaire" in Qualtrics at
    • Visitors (e.g. external repair technicians, furniture installers), please complete the Google Form.

      Note: For hospital-based faculty, staff, postdoctoral scholars and students, the hospital screening questionnaire must be completed in some form upon entry to any hospital site. The "Return to Campus Questionnaire" referenced above is only required if you will be on campus for any reason (e.g. class, meeting, library, eatery).

  • In consultation with your Supervisor, reserve your space on campus using the required Schulich Outlook calendars.
  • We recommend using Google Chrome to access the webmail version of the Outlook calendars.
  • A list of calendars is provided below in the Links section and your Supervisor can advise you of which one(s) to use if it is not clear.
  • An instructional video on how to use the scheduling tool is available here:
  • This tool is required to monitor building occupancy (30%) in compliance with provincial legislation.

Outlook Calendars (Quick Tips)

  • Google Chrome is the preferred browser
  • Open the WebMail version of your Western email
  • Select the calendar icon
  • Click on New Event (top left)
  • Add event title: XX in Lab/Office
  • Select the date and time block
  • Search for room or location type: SSMD-PATH-XX
  • Click Save

On Campus

  • All members of the Western community are required to wear a 3-ply disposable surgical mask (not cloth) in the presence of others, and in common and shared spaces. This includes shared office space, corridors, lobbies, washrooms, elevators, classrooms, teaching laboratories, meeting rooms, and libraries.
  • In situations where you cannot maintain physical distance of 6 feet, you are also required to wear a face shield and/or eye goggles. Safety glasses are not equivalent to eye goggles, therefore if you need to wear safety glasses then you must also don a face shield.
  • Your supervisor will provide you with masks, face shields and eye goggles as required.
  • Please arrive to campus wearing a mask.
  • You may enter/exit the building by most doors. Please following the signage installed by the University.
  • The entrance to the dental patient parking lot is reserved exclusively for urgent care dental patients to enter and exit. No one else is permitted to use this entrance.
  • All corridors and stairwells are considered two-way traffic zones. Please practice physical distancing, including walking only on the right side of the hall.
  • Elevator occupancy is posted but is generally 2 people at a time.
  • In the event of a fire or fire drill, evacuate through the nearest exit.
  • For contact-tracing purposes, we ask that you maintain a personal log of any area you entered on campus, which does not have an associated Outlook calendar (e.g. Animal Care Facility).  

In the Lab

  • Please only report to the lab for your scheduled shift.
  • Maximum occupancy signs are posted.
  • All normal lab safety practices are still applicable.
  • In labs, 3-ply surgical masks must be worn and will be provided.
  • Please discuss specific clean in/clean out expectations with your Supervisor.

  Common Spaces

  • Student office space (DSB 4023) should not be used at this time.
  • If you do require a place to work outside of the lab, please make a request through your Supervisor.
  • H410 cannot be booked at this time.
  • Walk-in freezers will be marked with Available/Occupied signage to prevent entering already-occupied, tight spaces.
  • If you enter a common space (e.g. photocopier room), please use the cleaning products in the room to wipe down high-touch surfaces before and after use.

After your Visit to Campus

  • If you have been on campus and start to feel unwell, please stay home. Please also advise your Supervisor and Linda Jackson-Boeters of your change in health status. Linda is PaLM’s HR-appointed "Reporting Officer."
  • If you have any concerns regarding safety and/or compliance with public health guidelines, please contact your Supervisor, Dr. Chakrabarti, myself, Linda or

Thank you,

Angela DeCandido
Manager, Administration & Finance
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry
Western University
519-661-2111 x82032