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Qi Zhang

zhang_qi.jpgAssistant Professor
MBBS Qingdao University, China
PhD  University of Manitoba

Office: LHSC UH A3-216
Phone: (519) 685-8500 Ext. 36341
Fax: (519) 685-8279

Clinical Activities

Keywords: neuropathology, gastrointestinal pathology, molecular pathology

Description of clinical activities: my clinical practice includes neuropathology (surgical and autopsy) and anatomical pathology (GI tract).

Research Activities

Keywords: brain tumors (including metastatic tumors), neurodegenerative diseases, and developmental neuroscience

Description of research activities: I have a broad interest in basic neuroscience and neuropathological diseases. I am currently involved in 2 areas of research: brain metastasis from systemic malignancy and neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer disease and Lewy body disease).