Bekim Sadikovic

Bekim SadikovicAssociate Professor and Head, Molecular Diagnostics Division,
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

PhD (Biochemistry) University of Western Ontario
DABMGG (clinical molecular genetics & clinical cytogenetics)
Baylor College of Medicine
Office: LHSC VH, B10-128
Phone: (519) 685-8500 Ext. 53074

Clinical Activities

Keywords: clinical molecular genetics, clinical cytogenetics, NGS

Description of Clinical Activities: Division Head of the Molecular Diagnostic Division at the London Health Sciences Centre, servicing a wide range of constitutional and oncology molecular genetic diagnostics. Molecular Diagnostic Division includes Clinical Molecular Genetics, Molecular Pathology, Clinical Cytogenetics, and Biochemical Genetics Diagnostic Laboratories.

Research Activities

Keywords: NGS, epigenetics, genome-wide DNA methylation analysis  

Description of Research Activities: 

  • Development of clinical genome wide DNA methylation testing for constitutional and somatic epigenetic disorders;
  • Genetic and epigenetic biomarker discovery;
  • Development of clinical NGS-based sequence and copy number analysis.