Gerald McKinley


Assistant Professor

PhD Western University
MA Western University 
BA Trent University

Office: Western Centre for Public Health and Family Medicine, Room 4115
Phone: (519) 661-2111 Ext. 86269
Fax: (519) 661-2004

Clinical Activities

Keywords: Indigenous Health, Social Determinants of Mental Health, Suicide prevention, Eco-System Health.

Clinical Activities: Dr. McKinley specializes in the social determinants of Aboriginal health in Ontario, Canada, utilizing community based and ethnographic research methodologies.  Dr. McKinley is currently exploring the role of social change and adaptation in the development of health outcomes in Northwestern Ontario.  His research focuses on the history of the region leading up to the current land use planning being undertaken to allow large scale mining operations in the region.  Dr. McKinley has also partnered with researchers from CAN-BIND, St. Michael’s Hospital, Suicide and Depression Studies Department, Mnaamodzawin Health Centre, the Union of Ontario Indians and the Ontario Brain Institute to tackle youth suicide among the Aboriginal population in Ontario.  This research focuses on the interaction of social and biological factors contributing the development of depression and substance abuse in youth.