Hanxin Lin


Assistant Professor

Ph.D, McMaster University, Fujian Agricultural and Forestry University 

Office: LHSC-VH NT B10-126
Phone: (519) 685-8500 Ext. 57124
Fax: (519) 685-8085 
E-mail: hanxin.lin@lhsc.on.ca

Clinical Activities

Keywords: clinical molecular genetics

Clinical Activities:  Co-directing the molecular genetic testing at LHSC, data interpretation, report writing, case sign out, and new assay development/validation for a wide range of genetic disorders with acquired or inherited mutations, including solid tumors, hematologic malignancies and inherited disorders. 

Research Activities

Keywords: NGS, molecular genetics, virology

Description of Research Activities: 1) develop new molecular testing, particularly next-generation sequencing (NGS), for clinical diagnostics of genetic disorders; 2) discover predictive and prognostic biomarkers; 3) understand the molecular basis of genetic disorders by working closely with clinicians and basic scientists; 4) investigate virus-host interaction, e.g. the endogenous retrovirus-cancer relationship, through local and international collaboration.