Melanie Katsivo

Melanie Katsivo

Adjunct Research Professor

MA  Sociology, University of Nairobi, Kenya
PhD  Educational Communication and Technology, Kenyatta University, Kenya

Office: Clinical Skills Building, Room 2706
Phone: (519) 661-2111 Ext. 86240

Research Activities

Keywords: population and public health; socio-cultural determinants of health and disease; health promotion; global health

Description of Research Activities: Dr. Katsivo is the current Director, Global Health, at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry.  This role includes promoting global health awareness, providing mentorship and developing opportunities for greater participation in global health research for students and faculty. Dr. Katsivo contributes strategy and content for grant proposals in the areas of Health Services (CIHR Pillar 3) and Social, Cultural, Environmental, and Population Health (CIHR Pillar 4) and provides critical reviews. She is interested in opportunities to participate in multi-disciplinary team grants, as well as co-supervising graduate thesis research that focuses on global health issues, or on CIHR Pillars 3 and 4 areas.