Manal Gabril


Associate Professor

MD  Al-Minya University, Egypt
MSc The University of Western Ontario 

Office: LHSC-UH A3-111
Phone: (519) 661-2111 Ext. 36353

Clinical Activities

Keywords:  genitourinary pathology, prostate cancer, skin pathology, melanoma 

Description of Clinical Activities: Reporting of surgical specimens and biopsies with emphasis in genitourinary tract and skin pathology. I conduct hospital and coroner autopsy cases.  I have had an important role in the nephropathology subspecialty which includes transplant renal pathology.    Review of genitourinary and skin pathology consultation cases for pathologists from Canada. 

Research Activities

Keywords: genitourinary pathology, prostate cancer, pathology informatics, molecular biomarkers

Description of Research Activities: The major focus of my research is on genitourinary cancers, in particular on kidney and prostate cancers.  I have conducted multiple research studies including prognostic factors and molecular biomarkers in genitourinary cancer.  I have a special interest in the investigation of the kallikrein family of genes in order to detect their potential role as cancer biomarkers for kidney cancer.