Stephanie Frisbee


Assistant Professor

BSc, MSc University of Guelph
MA, PhD West Virginia University

Office: Dental Sciences Building, Room 4041
Phone: (519) 661-2111 Ext. 87977

Research Activities

Keywords: Cardiovascular health and disease, stroke, risk factors, epidemiology, environmental health and epidemiology, behavioral health economics, health outcomes, health policy, perfluoroalkyl acids, integrated systems of health.

Description of clinical activities: Despite decades of basic science research into the causes and mechanisms of cardiovascular disease, and the development of many clinical treatments – surgical, pharmacologic, and interventional / mechanical – cardiovascular disease remains the leading killer of Americans and world-wide (though, curiously, it is but the second leading killer of Canadians). And, of even more concern, despite all of this knowledge, as a society we are actually getting more – not fewer – risk factors for cardiovascular disease: we are getting fatter, less physically active, and our diet quality is falling. Clearly, we are not doing something right.

Much of the emphasis of my research program focuses on the factors that affect cardiovascular health in entire communities or populations, not just individuals. We evaluate the impact of factors such as community resources, health care resources, how communities are structured, environmental factors and exposures, and policies that affect the communities in which people live.

Broadly, our research group explores the following as it relates to the development of cardiovascular health and disease:

1. Community and individual characteristics, risk factors and resources

2. Environmental pollutant exposure particularly perfluoroalkyl acids, man-made chemicals that not degrade, are ubiquitous in our environment, and to which we are exposed via industrial waste, contaminated water, treated textiles and fabrics, and food packaging

3. Public policy and how these policies can affect the cardiovascular health of entire communities