Dr. Craig Campbell, Paediatric Neurology

Dr. Campbell joined the Department of Paediatrics and Clinical Neurological sciences at the Children's Hospital in 2003 following fellowship training at the University of Ottawa. Dr. Campbell has Canadian certification in electromyography (EMG) and neurophysiology, and runs the pediatric EMG/NCS clinic at the Children's Hospital. In addition to this specialty clinic he also is the Medical Director of the Neuromuscular and Cerebral Palsy clinics.

Dr. Campbell has completed his Masters of Science in Community Medicine and Epidemiology, is an Associate Scientist at the Child Health Research Institute and an Associate Professor at Western University. His research interests include neuromuscular disease in children and cerebral palsy. He is the Director of the William Singeris National Centre for Myotonic Dystrophy Research, which is conducting a Canadian study examining health outcomes in children with congenital myotonic dystrophy.