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Western Paediatrics is home to approximately 40 highly accomplished paediatrics trainees who share the vision of providing excellence in paediatric care for the children of Southwestern Ontario.  As a training program we believe in clinical excellence first.  Our resident group enjoys the benefit of a 90- person and still growing faculty, who given the presence of very few clinical fellows, direct their passion in paediatric education to our general paediatrics residents.  We are a program where you will be known more than just by name.

As Program Director, one of the most fulfilling parts of my days is recognizing when residents are performing past the expectations they knew possible.  Finding and fostering individual skill sets is a program priority.  Curriculum and performance markers exist for expectations in research, education, and leadership, however the culture of collaboration and support drives our residents to reach beyond program expectations.  Residents who thrive in our program balance a strong independent drive to succeed with an active sense of responsibility to their peers.  

Residency is supposed to be challenging.  It is also meant to be extremely rewarding.  Western Paediatrics is committed to promoting resilience and wellness in its resident group.   Program Leadership maintains an open-door policy for each and every resident trainee. We teach beyond the CanMEDS medical expert role, including the need for an understanding and respect for oneself as a clinician.

As the climate of practicing paediatrics continuously evolves, our Residency Program Committee, and its multiple subcommittees, believe not only in monitoring resident progress, but in continued quality improvement of our training program.   Transparency in feedback from our resident group is paramount in this, and our resident voice is an active and essential part of program development at every step.

I consider myself lucky to work with such a committed and highly productive Residency Program Committee and Program Administration Team.  I am privileged to know a group of residents who continuously surprise me with their vigor for raising the bar of Paediatric Care.  

We are Western Paediatrics Postgraduate Training.  Have a look.

Tamara Van Hooren, MD, FRCPC
Program Director, Postgraduate Paediatric Medicine
Western University