400+ students from four healthcare professions team up for Interprofessional Education Day

Education Day 2016

Students from medicine (1st year class, 150), dentistry (56 students) , pharmacy (120 students), optometry (90 students) and others from health sciences went to London Health Sciences Centre University Hospital (LHSC) for a day-long interprofessional education (IPE) event with University of Waterloo optometry learners and students. 

Collaboration between healthcare providers from different fields is essential for optimal patient care.  Interprofessional teamwork is linked not only to improved patient outcomes, but also to decreased healthcare costs and a more efficient and effective working environment for healthcare providers. 

Education Day

Read the full story by the Univeristy of Waterloo at https://uwaterloo.ca/pharmacy/news/400-students-four-healthcare-professions-team