One Health Research Day 2021


One Health Posters

Presenters Presentations
Riley Bauman Exploring Shared Determinants of Health: Towards a Shared Approach to Companion Animal and Human Health Promotion
Abdifetah Mohamed Bovine tuberculosis at the human livestock wildlife interface and its control through one health approach in the Ethiopian Somali Pastoralists
Catherine Belanger Exploring the Experiences of Canadian Veterinarians as part of a One Health Approach to Canine Importation
Joel Zhang Evaluation of healthcare facilities and services provided for tuberculosis and zoonotic tuberculosis in Kajiado County, Kenya
Daniel Bayley Describing Wildlife Health Spatially in Ontario
Ziyad Elgamal Evaluating an intranasalvaccine platform for mucosalimmunity against respiratorypathogens like SARS-CoV-2
Radhika K. Gandhi Fortifying Canadian One Health practitioners' ability to address complex health challenges
Ayush Kumar Generation and in vitrocharacterization of reversegenetics influenza B system basedon a swine
polI promoter
John Mallare Air Pollution: The Invisible Killer
Britteny Kyle Epidemiology of American Foulbrood
Duo Li Localizing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to London, Ontario
Celina Tang One Health Approach to Oral Cancer and Evaluation of S100A7 as a Predictor of Malignant Transformation from Oral Potentially Malignant Lesions (OPML)
Peter Liu Measuring Cardiovascular Outcomes in Neuroendocrine Tumours (NET)
Isabelle Keng Developing a Method for Evaluating Social Prescription as a Means of Supporting Individuals Suffering from Substance Misuse in Whitefish River First Nation Community
Sukham Brar Evaluating the effects of cannabidiol use during pregnancy on offspring pancreatic development and function in rats: potential impacts for human and environmental health
Ryan LaPenna Assessment of rabies control in rural areas in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
Amirreza Yaghoubpour One Health Approach for control and Prevention of Brucellosis in Iran
Marlee Pyott Using GPS collars to understand outdoor cat (Felis catus ) behaviour
Melanie Cousins A review of the evidence landscape to parameterize a One Health model of AMR in a Swedish food system context: Using expert knowledge in the interim?
Arnie Ruckert One Health Modeling Network for Emerging Infectionse
Sydney DeWinter Spatial and temporal distribution of Ixodes spp. ticks
Yusuf Tajudeen Amuda Evil Six Threats to Biodiversity as an Important Driver of Arboviral Diseases: One Health Approach as a Panacea
Keith Warriner Where does E. coli O157:H7 go when they die?

One Health Research Day 2020


One Health Posters

Presenters Presentations
Emma Jamieson The cashmere industry and desertification as a result of overgrazing in Mongolia
Jacklyn Marshall Duntroon Highlands Golf Club Water Conservation Plan
Joel Zhang Using a One Health approach to address the challenges posed by Tuberculosis at the human-animal interface in Kajiado county in Kenya
Ryan LaPenna Using a One Health approach to address the challenges posed by Rabies to animals and people in rural areas in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
Mei Yuan Using a One Health approach to investigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic response on perceived stress, postpartum depression, and pregnancy outcomes in women in South-western Ontario
Tanya Jain Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in the Indigenous Community of Sioux Lookout in Northern Ontario
Ebuka Osuji A One Health Approach Investigating Associations between Anxiety Sensitivity and Patient Outcomes in Cardiac Rehabilitation
Janice Sutherland Social Inequality and the Burden of COVID-19
Sukham Brar One Health Analysis of 2006 and 2007 Rift Valley Fever Outbreak in Kenya
Rachel Vella Non-Epileptic Theta Band EEG Patterns Characterized in Canines
Gemma Postill Using the One Health Approach to Examine Human, Animal, and Environmental Factors Related to Suicide Rates in Ontario Pre- and Post- COVID-19 Pandemic.
Matthew Chung The impact of the Atlantic salmon aquaculture industry in British Columbia, Canada on animal, environmental, and human health and the reactions of its main stakeholders
Venessa Nichols Cardiovascular Disease and Cardiac Rehabilitation Using the One Health Approach